Communication robots to help
guide pediatric patients

Robot Operation for
Safe Examinations

国立成育医療センター AI Hospital Project コミュニケーションロボット

National Center for Child Health and Development is conducting experiments on how communication robots can be used in hospitals to accompany pediatric patients to ease their anxiety and reduce burden on medical personnel.

国立成育医療センター AI Hospital Project 病院での不安や緊張をなくすコミュニケーションロボット

Communication robot to support medical examinations

国立成育医療センター AI Hospital Project コミュニケーションロボットの利用シーン 受付

Radiology Department

A communication robot guides children to the Computed Tomography room and accompanies them to examination rooms. We aim to reduce children's anxiety to examinations.

国立成育医療センター AI Hospital Project コミュニケーションロボットの利用シーン コミュニケーション

Department of Anesthesiology

Communication robots explain and obtain informed consent. The robots guide a patient to examination room and cheer up the patient.

国立成育医療センター AI Hospital Project コミュニケーションロボットの利用シーン 案内業務

Utilization of Tablets

We utilize tablets to explain anesthesia. In addition, you can check on your child's condition through the tablet even in places where you cannot enter.