We aiming to establish safe and secure medical care using AI.

Research Project List

Development of a diagnostic support system for pediatric cancer

This is R&D to support skills of pediatric cancer specialists by using AI to process image, pathology, immunology, and genome information.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Field of Mental Development

We are using AI in the field of psychological development using "Sony Aibo". We are studying when and what kind of emotions people have, and how they affect development of mind.

R&D of technology to measure “Communication in Children”

R&D of technology to assist the early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders using wearable devices. This technology enables early detection and early intervention of autism spectrum disorder regardless of local medical resources.

Verification of AI devices to diagnose autism spectrum disorder by eye gaze measurement.

This is R&D for the AI-based early detection of autism by measuring gaze.

Development of an AI system to assist in the diagnosis of rare and intractable pediatric diseases based on physical characteristics.

We are developing a system that can diagnose rare and intractable genetic diseases, using AI based on image data of thousands of cases.

Development of a system for continuous recording of growth and development using smart devices.

We apply record of growth and development to health management.

Research on AI-based medical and life support systems for children with medical care

This research aims to reduce burden on parents and their supporters by using video recordings from smartphones to help determine the need for urgent medical visits for children with medical care.

Medical Dose Control by CT

This is a study on medical radiation dose control for patients using big data.

Development of a bacterial identification support system using AI (Artificial Intelligence)

This is an R&D for rapid identification of bacteria by deep learning of Gram stain images.

Development of an AI system to support antenatal checkups

This is the development of an AI-based system for remote examination of pregnant women.

Development of a system for predicting the date of delivery and onset of labor pains

We will develop a machine learning model that predicts the date of delivery and the onset of spontaneous labor so that we can provide an environment in which women can visit hospitals with peace of mind.

Medical Assistance for Fetal Lung Evaluation

This is an R&D of an AI-based system to support fetal medicine such as fetal lung evaluation to recognize images of fetal lungs.

Development of sorting technology for sperm with high fertilizing ability

This is the development of AI-based selection of sperm with high fertilizing ability to increase the pregnancy rate during in vitro fertilization.

Development of Communication Tools Using Virtual Reality Technology in Pediatrics

We are developing a rehabilitation tool that applies Virtual Reality technology for post-operative rehabilitation.