Get an explanation from avatar in advance to make your meeting with doctors more understandable.

Improving the quality of diagnosis and
reducing burden on doctors

Dr. Avatar Informed Consent support system was developed to help doctors explain treatment plans to patients more efficiently. This makes it possible to talk about the points you want to ask in the interview with the doctor.

国立成育医療センター AI Hospital Project Drアバターから事前説明を受けることで、医師との面談をもっとわかりやすく


Reduce waiting time
for interviews with doctors

Reduction of explanation time to receive informed consent for doctors

Deepen understanding of the content of informed consent during explanation

Dr. Avatar Informed Consent Support Flow

Listen to explanations of
treatment plans using a device.

AI analysis of images

such as gaze analysis, facial expression analysis, dynamic analysis, and heartbeat analysis.

Interview with a doctor

when analysis results are available Focused explanation to "points that were difficult to understand".